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Doc M Armitage Shanks Thermostatic Shower With White Grab Rails.
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Product Information

Shower pack with thermostatic shower and white grab rails.

  • Accessible shower and changing area for wheelchair and care assisted use.
  • Easily adjusted diverter for fixed or moveable shower head.
  • Friction hand set for easy up and down movement on rail.
  • Lever operated thermostatic valve (TMV3 approved) to deliver safe, stable hot water at a set temperature.
  • Hinged seat and back support.
  • Concealed fixing grap rails tested to 33 stone weight (white).
  • Drop down grap rail tested to 30 stone weight (white).

Includes VAT & Delivery
(1,426.62 excluding VAT)

Save: 746.02    RRP: 2,458

Product Code:

Doc M refers to part M of the British building regulations, which covers access to buildings and services for everyone so that those with special needs are not excluded. This includes the elderly, wheelchair users, ambulant disabled, people of either sex with babies and small children, people with learning difficulties, those with visual or hearing impairments, and those who lack tactile sensitivity and so may scald themselves on hot surfaces.This standard is mandatory for all new public buildings, and for major refurbishments of public buildings or bathrooms.

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