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Bristan Pumps 3.0 Bar, Twin Impeller Shower Booster Pump 100.
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Product Information

Twin impeller shower booster pump 100. 3.0 Bar.

  • Connection inlet: 22mm push fit.
  • Connection outlet: 22mm push fit.
  • 750 Watt motor.
  • Twin impeller pump for boosting two water supplies.
  • Includes large bore flexible connectors.
  • Supplies equivalent to 30 meters (100') 3.0 bar head pressure producing up to 60 litres per minute flow.
  • Continuous motor rating.
  • 2 Year Bristan guarantee.

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The Bristan range of shower pumps offer a variety of electrically controlled shower booster pumps for different applications. These are designed for domestic use to boost the pressure and flow of gravity hot/cold water supplies to showers.

Bristan pumps are all AC powered and have a single motor with either a single impeller or twin impellers attached to improve the performance of a single/mixed water supply or two separate water supplies. The pumps are activated by a flow switch fitted in the pump outlet housing. The flow switch is triggered when a sufficient volume of water flows through it. When the water flow ceases the pump will stop automatically.

Bristan pumps can only be used in gravity fed installations and cannot be used with combination boilers, unvented and pressurised mains systems. Pumps must not be connected to water mains, either directly or indirectly via a mains fed water heater and must always be fitted in accordance with current water regulations. Therefore, it is important that you identify your plumbing installation to see if a pump is suitable before installing one.

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