Mira Vie > 10.8kW Electric Shower In Satin Chrome.

Mira Vie 10.8kW Electric Shower In Satin Chrome.
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Product Information

Mira Vie 10.8kW electric shower in satin chrome.

  • 2 Year manufacturer's guarantee.
  • Includes 5 mode rubclean handset, stylish chrome riser rail and a soap dish large enough to hold multiple bottles of shampoo or shower gel.
  • Push button start/stop. Your favourite shower setting at the push of a button.
  • Flow regulator stabilises any temperature changes caused by water pressure fluctuations, such as taps being turned on or off, or toilets being flushed.
  • Instantly heats water to guarantee a hot shower every time.
  • Eco setting reduces the water flow to give economical use of water, whilst still giving an adequate shower performance.
  • Suitable for domestic and light commercial installations.
  • For use with mains cold water supply.

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Additional documents are available:
Mira Vie User Guide (pdf)

The Mira Vie range offers unrivalled build quality and performance. The Vie is great value for money, featuring select and forget controls, a double armour metal hose and a choice of finishes. It's high spec, but low price.

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