Stuart Turner Showermate Eco > Single Flow Pump (+ Head. 2.0 Bar).

Stuart Turner Showermate Eco Single Flow Pump (+ Head. 2.0 Bar).
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Product Information

Showermate Eco single flow pump for use with positive head systems. Includes flexible hoses. Boosts water pressure to 2.0 bar.

  • Single flow pump to boost a single water feed, either hot or cold.
  • Positive head: Suitable for positive head conditions only with a minimum gravity flow of 0.8 litres per minute.
  • Suitable for open vented hot and cold water systems.
  • Anti vibration feet.
  • Quiet operation (from 60db).
  • Includes 15mm flexible hoses (200mm, push fit).
  • Not suitable for pumping water supply's to common mixer.
  • Suitable for boosting a tap or the water outlet between the shower valve and rose.
  • Flow switch: Fully automatic. Gravity flow required to start pump.
  • Flow switch sensitivity: Approx 0.8 Litres per min.
  • Maximum flow: 17 litres per minute maximum.
  • Equivalent to raising the cold water cistern 20 metres above its current position.
  • Pipe connections: 1/2"
  • Water pressure: 2.0 bar.
  • Pre wired with 1.5 meter power cable.
  • All electrical connections should be carried out by a qualified electrician.
  • Power consumption: 215 Watts.
  • Fuse rating: 5 Amps.
  • Enclosure BS rating: IP22.
  • WRAS approved.
  • 2 Year guarantee: Stuart Turner guarantee this pump for 2 years.

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Additional documents are available:
Showermate Eco Standard Single & Twin Installation Guide (pdf)

The Stuart Turner Showermate Eco range of compact quality shower pumps are the ideal solution to boost your showers performance at a competitive price. Established in 1906 Stuart Turner Pumps now offers an extensive range of quality pumping products and solutions, catering for almost every application, from residential home boosting pumps to a wide range of pumps for various commercial applications.

2 Year guarantee: Stuart Turner guarantee their Showermate Eco pumps for 2 years. All Stuart Turner pumps are WRAS approved.

Single Flow Pump (+ Head. 2.0 Bar). additional image

Single Flow Pump (+ Head. 2.0 Bar). additional image

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