RIW > Tilesafe, Wetroom Tanking Kit (5 Square Meters).

RIW Tilesafe, Wetroom Tanking Kit (5 Square Meters).

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RIW Tilesafe, wetroom tanking kit (5 square meters). This RIW tilesafe kit includes the following:

  • 500ml 4180 primer / sealer.
  • 10 Meters of waterproofing reinforcing tape.
  • 5 Square meter roll of waterproofing membrane.
  • 310ml of jointing compound.
  • 500g Putty.
Prior to the application of each length of tilesafe membrane, remove the plastic film from the underlying tilesafe reinforcing tape. Apply pre-cut lengths of tilesafe membrane to walls first, applying as vertical drops and terminating at the floor/wall junction (overlapping the reinforcing tape by 75 mm).

Tilesafe membrane should be butt jointed rather than overlapped. Butt joints in the membrane should be positioned over the previously applied reinforcing tape, ensuring a gap of 2-3mm is maintained which should be subsequently filled by the tilesafe jointing compound. Continue in the same manner for floors, cutting membrane around any pipe entries, taking care not to damage the reinforcing tape below.

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When water leaks through ceramic tiles it can cause expensive damage. RIW Tilesafe is a self-adhesive, waterproof membrane which has a thick rubberised waterproof layer and woven glass fibre mesh. It is used before tiling. Tiles are applied using a conventional adhesive which keys to the mesh. Tilesafe is quick and easy to install, and you can tile immediately with no heating or drying time needed.

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