What Is TMV2?

TMV2 Is Independent Safety Certification

TMV2 is an independent testing scheme for thermostatic mixers run by BuildCert to ensure that national and international standards are met (BS EN 1111 and 1287).  These standards specify exacting requirements that a thermostatic valve must comply with. TMV2 approval means high standards of thermostatic protection and suitability for use in the home.

TMV2 Is Protection

There is a risk to all members of a household from scalding, especially for the younger and older residents.  In recent years this issue has been raised by organisations such as the Child Accident Prevention Trust (CAPT) and social housing groups.

TMV2 approved thermostatic valves provide protection against scalding by automatically controlling the water temperature, and cutting the flow of water if the temperature rises too high. This has been so successful that the NHS has reported a significant drop in scalding incidents where TMV approved valves are used.

TMV2 Is Confidence

TMV2 approval confirms that the valve complies with the required standards, and also that the manufacturer and distributor have in place a suitable quality control system.

All valves complying with the TMV scheme are permanently and legibly marked with the manufacturers name or identification mark, or a unique model reference, making it easy to be sure the valve is compliant. Any valve that cannot be identified as such should not be regarded as a TMV approved valve.

TMV approval also requires that approved valves must include with the valve an installation and maintenance document. This document will give details of the operating conditions of the valve, its temperature differential, installation requirements, method of adjusting the mixed outlet temperature, commissioning procedure and test procedure.

Manufacturers with compliant products will be able to supply purchasers with a copy of an acceptance letter and certification of TMV acceptance. This certificate will normally remain valid for five years.

TMV2 May Soon Be Law

Legislation stating that thermostatic mixing valves should limit the temperature of hot water already exists in Scotland, New Zealand and the USA. In Scotland it has been a legal requirement for some years that new or refurbished bathrooms must be equipped with a TMV2 approved thermostatic valve. As part of the review of building regulations, this policy is expected to be adopted throughout the UK.

Valves with TMV approval will satisfy the requirements of the Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999 and the Water Byelaws 2000 in Scotland and Northern Ireland and so will have Water Regulations Scheme Approval.

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