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The Hygiene N Clean Anti-Microbial treatment provides built in protection against bacteria, dust mites, e-coli, listeria, MRSA, salmonella, odours, staining, mould and mildew. It also helps protect against asthma and allergies and will prolong the life of your shower curtain. Hygiene N Clean remains effective for the life of your shower curtain.

All Croydex textile shower curtains can be machine washed at 40C and pressed with a cool iron. They should not be dry-cleaned or tumble dried.

Croydex Textile Hygiene shower curtains are water-repellent rather than waterproof. Croydex textile shower curtains are made from 100% polyester fabric which is made water-repellent by the addition of the Croydex Proseal coating. The sides, top and bottom of Croydex textile curtains are neatly hemmed and are weighted to ensure that the curtain hangs straight and does not cling to you when wet. The eyelets are reinforced with rust-resistant white metal to give a smarter finish.

Croydex are a established UK Company that has been supplying household and bathroom products for over 80 years. Croydex products combine style and innovation with quality and value to meet the increasing demands upon the family bathroom.

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